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Fantastic Four Annual 17 pg 18 (Marvel, 1983) Half-Splash, Large Art

Will Gabri-El
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Isis 6 pg 10 splash (DC, 1977) Full figure of Isis

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Artists: Mike  Vosburg penciller
Vince  Colletta  inker

Inspired by the Saturday-morning live-action TV show, starring the lovely JoAnna Cameron, the comic series, "Isis", was short lived (only 8 issues) but has a cult following. Aside from the pleasing good girl nature of the art, this splash shows a full-figure Isis floating in her magical home where the “normal laws of nature do not apply” (the geometric/psychedelic backgrounds Vosburg drew here definitely added to this page), using her rhyming skills (along with pyramid power) to spy on evil doers! Vinnie Colette liked inking pretty women and Vosburg’s early DC work (Starfire, Isis) was solid! Standard size artwork (10 x 15" image area) on Bristol board

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