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Superboy 5 Cover Original Art (DC, 2011) Superboy/Kid Flash Race

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Newly Posted Pieces

Here are pieces new in the last 45 days. From 1/11/2020 to 2/24/2020

Click the image or title below to view the artwork.

Heck, Don
Justice League of America 199 pg 1 Splash Original Art (DC, 1982) Price: $2,300

Kupperberg, Alan
Marvel Team-Up Annual 2 pg 22 Half-Splash Original Art (Marvel, 1979) Soviet Super Soldiers Price: $600

Pollard, Keith
Thor 302 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1980) Large Thor, Hammer Price: $12,000

Leonardi, Rick
Hulk Annual 10 pg 33 Original Art (Marvel, 1981) vs Captain Universe Price: $1,250

Pollard, Keith
Thor 313 unused cover Original Art (Marvel, 1981) Thor, Odin in Asgard Price: $5,500

Layton, Bob
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 'Tower' Original Art Pin-Up (Marvel) Price: $    On Hold

Saviuk, Alex
Avengers Annual 15 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1986) HUGE Battle Avengers vs Mutants, 1st Vault Price: $13,500

Byrne, John
Uncanny X-Men vs Magento + Juggernaut LARGE Commission Original Art (2010) Price: $    On Hold

McDonnell, Luke
Justice League of America 258 Cover Original Art (DC, 1987) Death of Vibe! Justice League disbands! Price: $4,500

McNiven, Steve
New Avengers Vol. 2 The Sentry HC Premier Edition Cover Original Art (Marvel,2005) Price: $3,500

Perez, George
Adventure Comics 485 Cover Original Art (DC, 1981) Dial 'H' for HERO vs Evil 8 Price: $6,500

Robertson, Darick
Justice League Europe 31 Cover Original Art (DC, 1991) X-Men 138 cover homage Price: $3,300

Saviuk, Alex
Green Lantern and Green Arrow 102 pg 1 Splash Original Art (DC, 1978) Price: $2,000

Segovia, Stephen
Detective Comics 989 pg 14 Splash Original Art (DC, 2018) Price: $2,200

Starr, Leonard
On Stage Sunday Jan 24, 1971 Mary Perkins Original Strip Art Price: $400

Aparo, Jim
Adventure Comics 448 pgs 2 - 17 (Near Complete) Original Art Story (DC, 1976) Black Manta, The Shark Price: $13,500

Aparo, Jim
Phantom Stranger 25 Complete 15 page Original Art Story (DC, 1973) early Aparo in his prime Price: $26,000

Aparo, Jim
Phantom Stranger 38 Cover Original Art (DC, 1975) Gothic Horror Price: $16,000

Aparo, Jim
Phantom Stranger 40 Cover Original Art (DC, 1976) Deadman Price: $19,500

Aparo, Jim
The Brave and the Bold 144 Complete 17 page Original Art Story (DC, 1978) Batman + Green Arrow Price: $23,000

Barrows, Eddy
Blackest Night: Superman 1 pg 10 Splash Original Art (DC, 2009) 1st Superman Black Lantern Price: $1,600

Barrows, Eddy
Blackest Night: Superman 1 pg 22 Splash Original Art (DC, 2009) 1st Superman & Lois Black Lanterns Price: $1,200

Barrows, Eddy
Constantine 5 Cover Original Art (DC, 2013) New 52, Shazam! Price: $1,500

Barrows, Eddy
Justice League of America 10 Cover Original Art (DC, 2014) Stargirl vs Crime Syndicate Price: $1,500

Barrows, Eddy
Superboy 4 Cover Original Art (DC, 2011) Superboy/Psionic Lad Price: $1,500

Barrows, Eddy
Teen Titans 24 Cover Original Art (DC, 2013) New 52 Price: $1,500

Kirby, Jack
Lord of Light Northeast Corner Original Art (BIG Films, 1978) Argo Price: $16,500

Kirby, Jack
Sandman 5 pg 18 (DC, 1975) Price: $2,250

Kirby, Jack
Silver Star 3 pg 10 (Pacific, 1983) Price: $1,900

Kirby, Jack
Tales of Suspense 23 pg 2 Original Art (Marvel, 1961) Price: $2,900

Maguire, Kevin
Justice League International 10 pg 7 Original Art (DC, 1988) 1st App G'Nort Price: $2,800

Maguire, Kevin
Starman 38 Cover Original Art (DC, 1991) Phantom Lady vs Achilles! 'War of the Gods! Part 5' Price: $2,800

Romita Jr., John
Amazing Spider-Man 37 Complete 22 page Original Art Story (Marvel, 2002) Aunt May discovers Peter is Spidey Price: $21,000

Romita Jr., John
Peter Parker: Spider-Man 19 Complete 22 page Original Art Story (Marvel, 2000) ASM 33 homage, Mary Jane Price: $21,000

Swan, Curt
DC Comics Presents 77 pg 5 Title Splash Original Art (DC, 1985) The Forgotten Heroes/Villains Price: $1,200

Tuska , George
Teen Titans 33 pg 10 Original Art (DC, 1971) 1st G'Narrk Price: $    On Hold

Tuska , George
Teen Titans 33 pg 7 Original Art (DC, 1971) 1st G'Narrk Price: $1,000

Tuska , George
Teen Titans 35 pg 5 Original Art (DC, 1971) Romeo & Juliet Price: $325

Von Eeden, Trevor
Marvel Fanfare 3 pg 10 Original Art (Marvel, 1982) Swashbucklers Hawkeye & El Aguila Price: $600

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